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White Cresset Arts Journal

In-print and online poetry,  writing + arts journal. For the restless, flickering, but never dimming lights of the world. 3-day response time, with 250-word feedback on request.


A cresset is a metal cup or basket, containing something flammable. 

The White Cresset Arts Journal wants to be the fuel and receptacle for your flames, blazing bright in the never-ending dark. Send us that spark, that first flash of irridiscent crimson, or send us bonfires and explosions, threatening to consume restless days and restless nights. Send us the flame.

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Submission Guidelines

General requirements:

- Submissions must be in English

- Simultaneous submissions and reprints of previously published pieces allowed (please credit the original source[s]).

- If another publisher accepts your work before us, you need not withdraw your submission - tell us the date of the planned publication, exclusivity periods (if any), and we can publish your work afterwards as a reprint.

- Check our copyright policy for more information.


- Up to 5,000 words


- Up to 300 lines

- Poetry collections allowed (provided the total lines are less than 300)

We are especially interested in poems with rich, original symbolism and imagery, and/or powerful emotive impact. 

Visual Art

- Up to 5 full A4 pages

- A collection of multiple visual pieces allowed 


Please contact 


We'd be delighted to see other creative art forms which we've missed! 

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We're looking for volunteer readers and editors to  join our masthead! This is a great way to develop publishing experience, build up a résumé for art and writing, or gain volunteer hours.

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Home: FAQ

Is there a submission fee?

Absolutely not.

How do I get feedback?

After we've made our publication decision, you will be provided with a form link to request feedback (or you can email us directly)

Will you pay me for my submission?

We currently don't have the finances to do this. However, the submission process is quick, easy and we allow simultaneous submissions - so why not get your work published online and in print for free?

If you haven't replied within 3 days, what should I do?

Email us immediately via We are intent on keeping our response time pledge.

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